torsdag 15 december 2011

soo what's been goin on lately...

Seems like a lifetime has past...
First of all thanks to all my supercool clients who have been patient and giving me some space theese last months. So far all seems good!

So what has been going on lately. well I have been tattooing a little bit...  drawing a little bit... traveling a little bit... trying to do what I want to!

Finished the valley of dry bones sleeve. Really liked the details and the huge amounts of black in there! Thanks Stefan!

We finally managed to get some work done on Daniels old sleeve! hope to get it all done early 2012!

What else! Oh the beer lable I did the artwork for got out on Systembolaget! super stoked about all the good response to it!
Got to show it at Stockholm Beer & Whisky festival with my dear friend David, one of the founders of FrEQuency drinks. Had a fantastic weekend and I hope to death to go back next year!!

Squeezed in some quality time with Sandras other man Mr. Maestro.

Got some tattoo work done. wow this photo is terrible!! anywho it is my friend Rasmus son... more background and stuff will be added later!

Did the hands on Jenny. First of was the geisha/skull...

 Then the Hanya!

Finished the angel of time on Jimmy! Thanks dude! (eeww on the photo quality again!!!)

Some sweet stuff on Jörgens arm...

Kickstarted the serialkiller sleeve on Emil... Aileen Wournous and Ed Gein. Jeffery Dahmer and Gacy coming up next!

Had some health treatment for 7 weeks which was pretty rough! Pain and Exhaustion every day and NO ALCOHOL!!! Did not work too much during these weeks.

But when the treatment was over, my good friends in In Flames invited me to go with them on tour for a week in Germany, to get away for a bit!
Missed Sandra alot ofcourse but otherwise it was GREAT!
felt so good to just hang around. watch shows and drink loads of brew!
If you haven't seen them live yet you should!! really awesome!

Did some more on Björns chest.

Delicious german beer!

The man, the myth, the legend Biffen!!

Managed to get to see White snake in Offenbach or where ever it was!

You get pretty hungry on the road...

Tomorrow Björn comes over for our monthly chili friday! Nothing like it! slow cooked chili, lots o brew and some tattoos!! good times!

gonna try to update more frequently now but then I have said that sooo many times!!

Mega over and out!!

tisdag 11 oktober 2011


Hey and sorry for not posting anything for a while!
Startet treatment for the cancer a week ago and haven't been working... got a bunch of more weeks to do this stuff but hang on and keep looking, and before you know it i will be up and running again!

thanks for the support and patience folks!!!

cheers and good night!!

onsdag 28 september 2011

My first Peacock

Started this sleeve today of my first ever peacock! Great fun but loads more to do!!!

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torsdag 22 september 2011


Contemplating life, moves, thoughts... Trying to figure stuff out... Not getting anywhere, moving forward, hate? Love! Panic, peace... Holy mother i feel weird!! I feel good, or maybe really bad? Stop ramble and go to sleep!! Or stay awake! How one little bump can put you nose in the dirt and your ass in the sky... Blahblahblah!!!

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In prog.

Some in progress skull!

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fredag 16 september 2011

Otis Firefly

Continued the "the Devils rejects" sleeve today!
This tine it was Otis time to take his place! So freakin fun i nearly feel ashamed to call it work!!

I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil's work!

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torsdag 15 september 2011

Shots of later randomness

Just some recent stuff...

Finally finished Helges sleeve after like three years!! On to new projects on him soon!

Wakka wakka!

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De puta madre

This past weekend i had a client who flew all the way from his home Gran Canaria to get tattooed by me! I think that is way cool!!
Ben was a supercool dude as well so we had a nice couple of sessions!
Did 7hours on the saturday and 6 hours on the monday! Sat like a rock!!
One more session booked in october to finish it all of!
Crap photos cause some fresh/some two days old and swelling and what not!
Anywho, it is a Jotun amongst some japanese backgrounds...

De puta madre!!

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torsdag 8 september 2011

The valley of dry bones

Started a cool sleeve today based on a painting from the 1800 called the valley of dry bones! Some sort of biblical stuff, hebrew i think... Not sure!
Cool piece to work on for sure!!

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onsdag 7 september 2011

Todays dragon

2nd session down on this freehand dragongalore!

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Starting to get reeally sick of this little health problem of mine! I cant freaking function properly! It just lays there in the back of my head, lurking, and the moment i somhow feel a bit great and happy it jumps out and alaps me in my face! God damn you fucking scrapyard body!! Feels good though that treatment will be put in soon so it hopefully will go away for good this time!!

I am trying to keep working for the sake of staying sane! In a bit smaller scale though... So i will still not be easy to get a hold of and i am sorry for this but i have to take care of myself and my family!!

It was cool to have my good friend Helge in for a couple of hours yesterday to do some more on his, soon to be done, sleeve! A little portrait of his beautiful mom this time!
Not too good photo im affraid and the angle is also a bit twisted but... Sorry!


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