måndag 26 november 2012

Back to business

Hey all!!
After a summer of fixing the new studio, vacations, FrEQuency stuff and other projects it is about time to get into it again!
A new web site for the new studio is in the making! We also plan to do more fun stuff in the studio besides just tattooing, like a whisky tasting for charity, art shows and a whole bunch of cool stuff! Soo keep your eyes open at the beginning of 2013!

My inbox has been a mess for quite some time so i understand if alot of you guys may be bummed out for not getting answers! I am truly sorry for that!! I still do bookings the same way as before but i am looking to start some big new projects during next year so i hope to hear from you guys!!
Still at info@funnyfarmtattoo.se!

The new studio/gallery is named
Let's Live Galleries and is located at:

Storgatan 14
54130 Skövde

It's me, Nicke Sjögren and Rickard Holm who keeps the ship going!

Hope to see and hear from you!


- Artsy stuff and junk -

torsdag 15 november 2012

This and that

The new studio "Let's live galleries" is going great! Lots of cool projects kn the making and Rickard and Nicke is keeping busy aswell!
Just some minor things with the studio left to fix, then we will hold a Grand opening fiesta in the beginning of next year aswell with some other cool projects!

Eyes open!!

- Artsy stuff and junk -