måndag 10 december 2012

Invigning av Let's live galleries

Den 29e december inviger vi officiellt vår nya studio/galleri!
Kör öppet hus från kl 12 och lägger ner när de känns rätt!

Det kommer bland annat att serveras lite FrEQuency bira så länge lagret räcker! Eventuellt även den mytomspunna fredagschili chilin!! Bara en sån sak!!


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Location:Let's live galleries

måndag 26 november 2012

Back to business

Hey all!!
After a summer of fixing the new studio, vacations, FrEQuency stuff and other projects it is about time to get into it again!
A new web site for the new studio is in the making! We also plan to do more fun stuff in the studio besides just tattooing, like a whisky tasting for charity, art shows and a whole bunch of cool stuff! Soo keep your eyes open at the beginning of 2013!

My inbox has been a mess for quite some time so i understand if alot of you guys may be bummed out for not getting answers! I am truly sorry for that!! I still do bookings the same way as before but i am looking to start some big new projects during next year so i hope to hear from you guys!!
Still at info@funnyfarmtattoo.se!

The new studio/gallery is named
Let's Live Galleries and is located at:

Storgatan 14
54130 Skövde

It's me, Nicke Sjögren and Rickard Holm who keeps the ship going!

Hope to see and hear from you!


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torsdag 15 november 2012

This and that

The new studio "Let's live galleries" is going great! Lots of cool projects kn the making and Rickard and Nicke is keeping busy aswell!
Just some minor things with the studio left to fix, then we will hold a Grand opening fiesta in the beginning of next year aswell with some other cool projects!

Eyes open!!

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onsdag 3 oktober 2012


Spent last weekend at tve stockholm beer & whisky festival in stockholm, promoting our delicious FrEQuency beers to the masses!!
Also got to taste some amazing beers and whiskys!

If you get the chance check out the festival or pick some FrEQuency up from a systembolag near you!

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torsdag 6 september 2012

Birdoe namnam

Started this superawesomely fun frontpiece yesterday! Stoked on frontpieces at the moment!!

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lördag 1 september 2012


The new studio is slowly taking shape!

Done some FrEQuency stuff

And BBQed a bit!

Oh how i love summer!!

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torsdag 19 juli 2012


Great words borrowed from Colin Nolt
Dear clients and tattoo collectors,

Here are a few considerations to heed when getting tattooed:

Your tattoo is a personal choice that you are making for yourself, but other people will be looking at it, and the artist's name and reputation will be forever associated with it. For this reason, you should be flexible and open minded when your artist suggests changes. There are certain fundamental rules to good design, and tattoos are no exception. In fact, there are more rules governing good tattoo design than most other forms of art.
If your tattoo idea and/or desired placement violates any of these rules, it should be changed accordingly so as to benefit everyone involved.
I will not tattoo anything that is poorly designed or placed, no matter how near and dear and full of meaning it is to you. In this craft, there are such things as bad ideas, and not every idea or work of art translates well as a tattoo. This isnt Burger King. You cant always get it your way, some special orders do actually upset us, and the customer is not always right.
Leave the design work up to your artist, respect them and their methods, and you will walk away a happy client, provided that you commisioned a reputable artist to begin with. If you find an artist whose work you like, let them design your tattoo with mininal input from you. Chances are that you are not an artist, so you have no business designing a permanent piece of art, even if it is for your own body.

Artists do have fun at work, but it is still work. We expect to be compensated for it just like anyone else does for their labor Dont ask for a deal. It's rude. We will often give generous deals to people who are good clients that are easy to work with, proven friends, have exceptionally good taste in art, or possess some other esteemed value as a person.

Reputable artists take great pride in our work, and we want to see it completed. Dont string it out any longer than necessary. It makes our job harder and less worth the effort. We hate that.

Big projects are a major commitment for both parties. Make sure that you are able to commit to multiple sessions, long hours, regular payments, pain, and aftercare.

A tattoo is always a collaborative effort between artist and client. We ink it, and you, the client, take proper care to heal it. A lapse on the client's aftercare efforts will yeild diminished quality in the final product, and make the artist look lesser in ability than they are.

Custom art takes time. Be patient and dont believe the hype on the heavily time edited tattoo shows.

Practice proper hygene. We will be spending several hours together in close proximity and quarters.

Dont tag your artist in your shitty cell phone progress pictures of your tattoo. If a photo doesnt do our work justice, it shouldnt be posted.

Armbands are practical jokes from Satan. They were never cool, ever, and they are not cool now. They blow goats. They suck to do, look lame as fuck, and violate many of the basic design principles that make good art and tattoos. And later, when you want that awesome sleeve or half sleeve, they will cockblock the full potential of the design. Just say no to armbands of any kind.

Neither you nor I can read or write Chinese, Latin, or Klingon, so why put it on your body. It's six shades of stupid.

Keep your posse at home. One well behaved guest for moral support is all you need. We are not birthing a child here, it's a tattoo. Your friends can see it when you get back to the clubhouse.

There is no such thing as "setting the ink". If anyone slaps or purposfully touches your new tattoo, they must be put to death within a fortnight.

onsdag 18 juli 2012

söndag 17 juni 2012

Stuff and junk!

A lot going on right now! Working on getting the new studio ready! Trying to do some nice tattoos! Working on some artwork for FrEQuency drinks and a bunch o other stuff! Me and sandra went to Metaltown for the weekend to hang out with great friends and watch some awesome bands! Had a great time! Huge thanks to In Flames and Yvonne & Sari at Brands for fans for all the hospitality!

The new studio is coming along great! It's gonna be awesome with more space both for the tattooing and painting! Will post pics when it starts to look less like a constriction site!

Have got to do a heep of cool tattoos as well! I have the greatest clients ever!!!

Continued the tiger vs. dragon backpiece!

In progress

I have to sort through my photoalbums! Might have missed a few!

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