tisdag 26 juli 2011

Wereowls with bloody beards on unicycles and what not...

Maybe not quite so hefty but it's still one of my favourites so far!

One more session to go!

Howl howl!

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måndag 25 juli 2011

on the roll again!

It actually feels great to be back to work again!
Got newfound energy and excitement about starting some new cool projects and finishing some old ones!

Jenny with the turtleback came back to get some more skin covered! started the first lower leg this way...

My buddy Henke found some time between work and paintballing and came up from Gothenburg for some skulls... we'll see where this project ends?

And today Måns got the last session done on his upper arm. We will certainly continue this project to sometime (hopefully soon!) This is part healed/part fresh and part sunburned! Hence the crappy photos!

In other news, in case you missed it, the studio celebrates 2 years on august 6th at Husaren in Skövde!
Be there or screw you!!!!


fredag 15 juli 2011

shots of vacation!

Just got back from a (in my own oppinion) well deserved vacation for two weeks!
Starting up with hanging with Ulf in Varberg. Sun, sea and brews!
Then the big 4 in Gothenburg!
After that i drove to Gävle to meet up with David at FrEQuency for Getaway rock festival!
Promoted the delicious IPA, drank some delicious IPA, had some more IPA, saw a lot of cool gigs
and met some great friends and awesome people!
Huge thanks to everyone involved!!


Went to Stockholm from Gävle, for Sonisphere with the Animal!
Had a super time with sweet bands another couple of gallons of brew!!

And to top the vacation of i packed my dear dad in the car and we headed down to Kristiansand, Norway, to see my brother and his family! Swimming in the ocean, sun, awesome food and drinks and a little visit to the zoo...

Stoked to get back to business today! Two weeks of free time is enough!

Blah blah blah more about tattoos and stuff soon!!

Let's live!!!!