söndag 17 juni 2012

Stuff and junk!

A lot going on right now! Working on getting the new studio ready! Trying to do some nice tattoos! Working on some artwork for FrEQuency drinks and a bunch o other stuff! Me and sandra went to Metaltown for the weekend to hang out with great friends and watch some awesome bands! Had a great time! Huge thanks to In Flames and Yvonne & Sari at Brands for fans for all the hospitality!

The new studio is coming along great! It's gonna be awesome with more space both for the tattooing and painting! Will post pics when it starts to look less like a constriction site!

Have got to do a heep of cool tattoos as well! I have the greatest clients ever!!!

Continued the tiger vs. dragon backpiece!

In progress

I have to sort through my photoalbums! Might have missed a few!

- Artsy stuff and junk -